Taste the Vivacious Flavours in Our Vivacious Cakes


These are our standard flavours, however these are adaptable to suit and other flavours are available on request – i.e. a Passion Fruit sponge has been one request we’ve received...

Vanilla Sponge

with vanilla buttercream and raspberry jam filling

Chocolate sponge

layered with chocolate buttercream

Chocolate Orange Cake

with chocolate buttercream or chocolate ganache

Double Chocolate Cake

with dark or white chocolate ganache and raspberry jam filling

Tangy Lemon or Lemon and Poppy Seed Cake

with buttercream and lemon curd filling

Carrot Cake

with cream cheese filling

Red Velvet Cake

with sweet cream cheese filling

Hazel Nut Chocolate Cake

with chocolate hazelnut buttercream

Gingerbread cake

with vanilla buttercream

Banoffee cake

with toffee icing

Rich Fruit Cake

with marzipan

Kirsty x
Vivacious Cakes